Bariatric Surgery Generalities

Morbid obesity is an epidemic in Mexico, the United States and many other countries of the world, unfortunately its incidence increases day by day, and thus also the associated coomorbilidades as Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dyslipidemias, increased Ischemical Cardiopathy, osteoarthritis of the knee, and spine, depression, low self-esteem among many others.

It has been treated with many therapeutic options, drugs, diets and exercise plans with regular and short-term results, not with this I mean that a diet salubable and exercise are not good, but unfortunately the pace of life of modern society and the amount of junk food that floods the market makes it extremely difficult to lose weight without further help.

The bariatric surgery has proved to be the only treatment with excellent results and long enough to achieve a change in the quality and prognosis of life of the obese patient.

Fortunately with the appearance of the laparoscopic approach, the patient currently has postsurgical recovery periods surprisingly good being able to register from the hospital in two or three days and in approximately 2-4 weeks is already Reinserting into your working life

Laparoscopic surgery consists in the introduction of 1 to 5 working ports such as tubes from 0.5 to 1.2 cms. diameter) (the number depends on the technique and preferences of the surgeon) through the abdominal wall, CO2 is used as a gas that creates a space to can perform the surgery, this gas is inert and reacts less with the abdominal viscera than the ambient air, causing that practically does not miss the peristalsis and also decreases the postsurgical pain,

Subsequently, the instrumental work is inserted through the ports, which consist of a camera to be able to see closely, graspers, scissors, electrocoagulation instruments, cartridges of titanium staples, and many others to be able to perform the surgery Desired.

The bariatric surgery with which we seek to improve the quality and time of life of our patients is to make modifications in the tract Gastrointretinal in order to cause:

1.-restriction to the amount of foodthat the patient can ingest in a meal

2.-malabsorptionof the calories that the patient ingests and

3.-The combination of both.

Fortunately also these alterations in the gastrointestinal tract also cause neural and hormonal changes that improve with much metabolism and diseases such as diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension, dyslipidemias and in General metabolic syndrome.

As a result the patient gets a very significant weight loss, can be up to 70 to 100% of overweight, referral of comorbidities such as Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol… etc.

You see that a very significant improvement in self-esteem with what is achieved more socialization, decrease in depression, and motivation to eat healthier and bring a rhythm of life more active physically and work.

Although laparoscopic bariatric surgery initially seems a little expensive, the truth is that the cost of medical treatment, non-surgical obesity and associated diseases far exceeds this cost and its results are very regular.

Definitely there is no better investment than investing in the Saud of oneself and his family.

 Dr. Salvador Ramirez G. PhD.