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We are a renowned obesity surgery center with locations in Tijuana.

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We provide a wide variety of bariatric surgery procedures in Mexico, including gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, gastric band, and revision surgery.

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Our expert doctors and surgeons will help you through your weight loss surgery journey from beginning to end.

The benefits of weight loss through bariatric surgery

Long-term excellent control of (remission of) type 2 diabetes:

Very effective procedure for overweight patients with type 2 diabetes. Especially gastric bypass and duodenal switch

Fertility improvement

A weight loss surgery can improve your fertility by decreasing estrogen (an estrogen produced in fat tissue)

Enhance your health

Weight loss surgery improves many medical conditions.

Reduce chronic joint pain

A bariatric surgery can relieve stress on your joints caused by overweight

Improves your self-esteem

Losing weight improves the emotional health and self esteem of the patient. Reducing drastically anxiety and depression

Lowers heart disease

This procedure reduces a person’s risk of high blood pressure and ischemic heart disease.


Duodenal Switch

This procedure is also a metabolic surgery, it configures the intestines so that fewer calories are absorbed, and reduces the capacity of the stomach so that food intake is restricted.


Gastric ByPass

This surgery divides the stomach into two separate pouches and then reconnects the smaller pouch to the lower portion of the small intestine to eat less and avoid absorption of excess calories (alternate the way they work and) helping patients lose weight. This is a metabolic surgery, it means help to get better control of diabetes and other relational diseases.


Revisional Surgeries

Revisional surgery is an option for patients who have already undergone a bariatric procedure and the results were inadequate or excessive weight loss or have led to other complications.


Gastric Sleeve

This is a weight-loss surgery, that reduces the size of the stomach about 70-80% to help patients obtain their ideal weight. People who have had this procedure on average lose 70-85% (more than half) of their excess weight.


Excellent location in the heart of Rio Zone. Contemporary style with ample open spaces and great facilties.


We understand that weight-loss surgery is a life-transitioning experience.

Benefits after weight loss surgery

There are a lot of benefits after weight loss surgery, don’t hasitate and change your life….here are some of them

Improve your confidence and self esteem

Reduce depression

Making you a happier person

Improve your sexual life

Better control of your diabetes (Control of your blood sugar)

Reduce your high blood presure

Reduce snorings (stop using CPAP)

Reduce knee and back pain

Improve your osteoarthritis

Reduce proinflammatory sustances

Increase your vitality (Play again with your children, nephews and grandchildren)

..........and the list goes on and on!!!!!!!

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