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Gastric Sleeve

This is a weight-loss surgery, that reduces the size of the stomach about 70-80% to help patients obtain their ideal weight. People who have had this procedure on average lose 70-85% (more than half) of their excess weight.

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Gastric ByPass

This surgery divides the stomach into two separate pouches and then reconnects the smaller pouch to the lower portion of the small intestine to eat less and avoid absorption of excess calories (alternate the way they work and) helping patients lose weight. This is a metabolic surgery, it means help to get better control of diabetes and other relational diseases

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Duodenal Switch

This weight loss surgery is also a metabolic procedure, it configures the intestines so that fewer calories are absorbed, and reduces the capacity of the stomach so that food intake is restricted.

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Revisional surgeries

Revisional surgery is an option for patients who have already undergone a bariatric procedure and the results were inadequate or excessive weight loss or have led to other complications.

The benefits of weight loss through bariatric surgery

Long-term excellent control of (remission of) type 2 diabetes:

Very effective procedure for overweight patients with type 2 diabetes. Especially gastric bypass and duodenal switch

Improves your self-esteem

Losing weight improves the emotional health and self esteem of the patient. Reducing drastically anxiety and depression

Fertility improvement

A weight loss surgery can improve your fertility by decreasing estrogen (an estrogen produced in fat tissue)

Lowers heart disease

This procedure reduces a person's risk of high blood pressure and ischemic heart disease.

Reduce chronic joint pain

A bariatric surgery can relieve stress on your joints caused by overweight

Enhance your health

Weight loss surgery improves many medical conditions.


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Why choose Us?

Our goal is to treat the patient in an integral way, taking care of all his health problems related to obesity, both physical and emotional, and in his personal, family and social context.

Our fundamental objectives with the patient are:

A meticulous and perfectly maintained weight loss surgical technique, together with a good study and patient preparation.
The integral treatment of obesity and all its consequences.
A post-operative multidisciplinary support that covers all the areas of the patient, so that we achieve a complete recovery, and a new life full of satisfaction and health for the patient.

Our philosophy

Permanent training in the field of obesity, to always offer our patients the most effective and proven treatments.
Innovation and applied clinical research, which forces us to strive to “see a little further”, and to contribute our grain of sand to the development of medical science, in the field of obesity.

Morbid obesity is an illness

A diet and physical activity plan is not enough to achieve the desired changes.
The surgery will facilitate the change of habits necessary for the patient:
It will improve your quality of life.
The health problems associated with this disease will decrease: myocardial infarction, hypertension, cancer (endometrium, breast, colon …), arthrosis, varicose veins, type 2 diabetes, etc.
Acquire better eating habits and lifestyle.
It will not regain weight so easily and the results will be more lasting.

There are several surgical techniques that can be performed today, there is no single “ideal” technique to lose weight.
The choice of one or the other type of surgery depends on the clinical characteristics, possible associated diseases that present as well as their eating behavior and psychological profile.
This type of surgery is usually done, and with a very low complication rate in our center. The surgical techniques that are performed the most in the world, for its proven efficacy and low complication index, are:

  • Laparoscopic gastric bypass
  • Tubular gastrectomy

The Obesity Area of ​​the Clinic is formed by professionals of all specialties involved in this disease
With the support of doctors, nurses, nutritionists … you will achieve the desired goal in approximately 6 months.

Normally, the loss of 80% of the excess weight is achieved and patients experience a very high degree of satisfaction for the benefits in their health and for their great improvement in the quality of life.

If you want us to help you in the preparation of the surgery, the Clinic offers you the possibility of entering the hospital beforehand to facilitate the physical and mental conditioning of the patient.

Morbid obesity is a disease of multifactorial origin, with a large genetic component, and is therefore chronic and progressive. Patients with obesity genes can lose with more or less sacrifice all or part of the excess weight, but they keep the tendency to recover it for life.

When severe obesity is reached (BMI greater than 35), a change in the metabolism of that person occurs, so that the progressive gain of weight is facilitated, and it becomes difficult to lose weight.

This difficulty is transmitted to us by our patients every day in our Clinic, and perhaps you already know that phrase: “After a certain moment in my life, I have had a hard time losing weight, and I have recovered it with enormous ease”.

It is only possible to maintain long-term weight loss through a radical change in dietary habits and lifestyle.
In the morbidly obese (BMI greater than 40), only one weight loss operation is able to achieve and perpetuate weight loss.