About Us

We are a multidisciplinary team working for your health with a excellent bariatric surgeon in México.


Contribute to a new beginning in the lives of our patients by helping them achieve a healthy and aesthetic weight.

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Be a leading  company in the fiel of medical tourism in the área of bariatric and metabólic surgery.


Our team

Chief Surgeon

Dr. Ramirez MD DS

Second Surgeon

Dr. Maciel MD Oncosurgeron

Medical coordinator

Dr. Hilke MD


Dra. Garcia MD PHD

Instrumentalist Nurse

Degree in Nursing Fatima Flores

Nursing Team

Ednair Mariano and Fátima Flores

Internist/ Cardiologist

Dr. Molina MD

Logistic coordinator

Julietta C.

Plastic Surgeon

Victor Sanchez