Frequently asked Question

What is Bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery consists of making surgical changes in the digestive tract, with the purpose that the patient has restriction in the amount of food ingested or Malabsorption of the calories ingested or both this in order to obtain a healthy weight and Control many of the co-morbidities associated with obesity and Diabetes.

How to know if someone is a candidate for weight loss surgery?

Anyone with obesity, who has failed to lose weight in a sustainable way with diet and exercise is a candidate for bariatric surgery.

They are also cadidatos patients with diabetes mellitus type II in early and intermediate stages since the bariatric and metabolic surgery greatly helps the contro for many years of this disease and its associated diseases.

What are the risks of bariatric surgery?

There are early risks related to any surgery of the digestive tract as they would be bleeding or leaks and other latter risks related to each particular procedure as would be malnutrition in the case of the duodenal switch, Gastro-aesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in the sleeve, or Sx. of Dumping on the ByPass to mention some.

How much weight can be lost?

In general terms bariatric surgery helps to lose 70 to 85% of excess weight, sometimes achieving up to 100% of overweight depending on the motivation of the patient for diet and exercise, usually the greatest amount of weight is lost in the first year though this lost goes on for two or three more years.

Can you get pregnant after bariatric surgery?

Yes, although it is strongly recommended that this occur until a year and a half later or when weight loss and nutrient absorption are stabilized.

Having made the decision what is the first step?

The first thing would be to contact our medical coordinators or sellers through our web pages or by phone to register your data and complete a medical questionnaire to be approved by the surgeon. 

What type of anesthesia is used?

In all our patients we use balanced General anesthesia for the safety and comfort of our patients.

How big is the bariatric surgery scar?

They are usually 5 small circumferential that when healing are visually little perceptible.

This option for the gastric sleeve and obesity grade I and II of the single port where all the surgery is done through the umbilical scar with even more aesthetic results.

How long does it have to stay in the hospital after surgery?

In foreigners patients it is advisable to be in the city in a local hotel one day before the surgery and then spend two nights in the hospital and another day in the hotel before returning to their country of origin.

How long does it take to be disabled after surgery?

Being a laparoscopic procedure and minimal invasion, in general the physical disability is minimal being able to return to office work in a week and for heavy physical activity in 6 weeks.

What happens to the excess skin?

Excess skin depends on the degree of obesity and the age of the patient, in most cases no correction is required, but in others if this is necessary, it is recommended to carry out at least after a year of bariatric surgery when the patient’s weight loss is stabilized.

Do you have to exercise after weight loss surgery?

Not necessarily, but the exercise will increase the speed and quantity of weight loss so it would be ideal to perform some aerobic exercise.