Are you candidate for weight loss surgery?

You are one step to get control of your weight and diabetes (your new life)

Additional Information

There are a number of widely accepted criteria which make a patient suitable for Bariatric or weight loss surgery: 

  • Weight greater than 45kg above the ideal body weight for sex, and height.
  • BMI > 40 by itself or >35 if there is an associated obesity illness , such as diabetes or sleep apnea
  • Reasonable attempts at other weight loss techniques
  • Age 18-65
  • Obesity related health problems
  • No psychiatric or drug dependency problems
  • A capacity to understand the risks and commitment associated with the surgery.
  • Pregnancy not anticipated in the first two years following surgery

There is considerable flexibility in these guidelines. Patients as young as 12 have been offered surgery. Sometimes a lower BMI between 30-35 is accepted if comorbidities exist.*


* Fill out the application form to know our recommendation  for your specific case


Restrictive and malabsortive procedures

Surgeries that reduce the amount of food you can eat and reduce the absortion of calories

One anastomosis gastric bypass (OAGB)

*Starting From
$5,500 /dlls.*
  • it has as good results as Roux in Y gastric bypass*

Duodenal Switch

*Starting From
$6,900 /dlls.*
  • The queen of bariatric surgeries

Revisional Surgery

*As low as
  • we review a previous bariatric surgery and convert it into other with better outcomings


Restrictive procedures

All surgeries that reduce the among of food you can eat

Intragastric balloon

*Starting From
$2,500 /dlls.*
  • (This is a temporary procedure, it has to be removed in six months, add 1,500dlls for removal)

Laparoscopic gastric band

*Starting From
$4,100 /dlls.*
  • Laparoscopic Band

Single incision gastric sleeve

*As low as
+1,000 /extra*
  • only for patients with BMI less than 45


Others surgical procedures

sometime is possible to do an extra procedure during the bariatric surgery

Hiatal Hernia repair

*No Extra Cost
+250 /dlls.*
  • Hiatal Hernia is very common issue After Lap Band or  in overweight patients, it’s important repairing during the bariatric procedure for better outcomings (a very large hiatal hernias couldn’t be able to repair at the same time of bariatric surgery)

Abdominal wall hernias

*Starting From
  • depending of size of the hernia, sometime is possible repair them during the bariatric procedure


Premium hospital


What does the price include?

The Price includes

  • Trasportation: San diego airport-Hotel (in Tijuana Mx.)- Hospital-Hotel- San Diego Airport
  • one or two hotel nigths
  • Hospital Fees (surgery itself, Two hospital nigths, Operation room fee, supplies)
  • Surgical Team Fees (Surgeon, surgeon assistant, Anesthesiologist, Pre-surgical valoration by Cardiologist, Nurses, Nutriologist, Patient’s coordinator, Driver)
  • Presurgical blood tests
  • Post-surgical leak tests (Fluoroscopy)
  •  to home medication (Pain killer and antibiotics)
  • Gauzes and tape

Doesn’t Include

  • Extra surgeries
  • Extra blood test and X-Ray test
  • Complications (Occur less than 0.02%)
  • Re-operations
  • Blood transfusions (If is required)
  • Companion expenses
  • Extra hospital or hotel nigths