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A revisional bariatric surgery consists of a modification or repair of a previous surgery. Our team of surgeons is able to take care of undesirable or disappointing surgery results. If you are an unsatisfied bariatric surgery patient or want to reverse your procedure we can help you.

The failure rate is small, when the patient is well studied, the type of procedure is well chosen and the patient follows the recommendations indicated.

Older bariatric procedures complications

Intestinal Bypass is one of the bariatric surgeries with the highest rate of revision. A patient with this kind of surgery may suffer from chronic diarrhea and nutritionally related problems.

Stapled gastroplasty is often related to the failure of losing weight due to the obstruction of the stomach and complications like leakage, pouch dilatations, hernias, bleeding and many other post-surgery complications.

Newer bariatric procedures complications

Lap-band has a low rate of complications or unsatisfactory results on the 10% of the patients during the first two years.

Gastric bypass has a 5% rate of unsatisfied patients and complications during the first 5 years after the procedure. The most common complications are related to ulcers and unsatisfactory weight loss.

Our bariatric solution

Our professional surgeon’s team will perform a thorough review of your case in order to provide you with the healthiest solution based on your clinical history and current health condition. If you have any kind of complication or unsatisfactory results with your older or recently performed bariatric procedure we can help you.


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